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American (foreign) driving license in Russia. Can I use it?


Attention! Automatic translation!


The validity of foreign driving licenses in Russia since July 1, 2017 when hiring is terminated

Since July 1, 2017, the ban on hiring drivers with foreign rights comes into force

Since July 1, 2017, the amendments to the Law on Road Traffic and the Code of Administrative Offenses that prohibit the recruitment of drivers with foreign rights come into force three years ago.
At the same time, new rules will only affect foreigners who are hired for work. For those who use the car for personal trips, the law does not apply.
For violations of the law, employers will be fined 50,000 rubles.
According to the chairman of the inter-regional trade union, in Moscow alone, 20% of taxi drivers may have problems with documents. Until July 1, 2017, they must pass the exam on the knowledge of traffic rules and obtain Russian certificates.
Drivers with foreign rights will not be allowed to work from July 1, the executive director of the Transport Association of the Moscow agglomeration said on air.
This decision was made a long time ago, therefore, all heads of enterprises with foreign drivers had enough time to organize legalization and obtain their Russian rights by their employees. For this, there is already a special procedure for the exchange of foreign driving licenses for Russian ones.
In buses, things are much better than in the field of taxi transport, where many taxi drivers work as individual entrepreneurs.
Bus companies have approached the issue quite seriously. The number of foreign drivers in some bus parks is only five percent of the total.
The amendments concern only those foreign citizens who use the car as a means of earning money.
In the event that a foreign driver does not have a Russian driver's license, his employer will have to pay a fine of 50 thousand rubles. Representatives of the taxi drivers union, in turn, approved the entry of amendments into force, believing that they will help fight illegal cabmen.
After the summer of 2017 in Russia will cease to recognize the rights issued by other states, if they are used for work, foreigners working as drivers in Russia will not be able to continue their activities as a driver, but to drive a car with foreign rights for personal purposes Will continue to be permitted. However, foreign citizens still have time to correct the situation.
In order not to lose your job, you need to urgently go to school today, so that by July you will get the rights of the Russian model.
Market participants say, despite numerous delays, transport companies did not provide their employees with a driver's license of the Russian model. According to the head of the inter-regional trade union, every fifth taxi driver in the capital can lose his right to legal work. 20% of the employees of this service need to acquire Russian driver's licenses within the next three months. However, the mentality of this category of workers is such that they will start obtaining certificates only after they are charged with huge fines.
Many market participants welcome the updated law. At the moment, the taxi market for a significant percentage is filled by persons with driving licenses issued in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other post-Soviet countries.
They do not make work permits, but they are engaged in driving on rented cars. Such entrepreneurial activity completely falls out of the field of view of fiscal authorities. Under the new technique, the road inspector will be able to clear the market of a fair share of illegal immigrants.
On average, carrier companies will have to fire 5% of employees, although in some enterprises foreigners account for up to 30% of the drivers' staff. But some of them have already acquired certificates of the Russian model. However, at least 5% of drivers will not get such rights, for example, because they have a poor command of Russian, and are not ready to take computer tests. Some drivers also will not go to the exam, fearing trouble with the law enforcement agencies due to previously committed violations.


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