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  • Vanna

    Hello, I am french and my wife is Russian. We got married in Turkey the last 11.11.2020, and wish to know how to legalize the marriage documents in Moscow. Thank you.

    05.12.2020   0   0   Reply
  • Администратор портала   Vanna

    Hello, send a scan of your marriage certificate to

    05.12.2020   0   0   Reply
  • John

    Dear Mr/Mrs
    Im searching some answers for be a lawyer at Russian Federation, So my question is that, is it necessary to study master degree for be a lawyer in russia, or is is possible to be a lawyer after graduating from a 4 years law faculity in russia ?

    20.11.2019   0   0   Reply
  • Администратор портала   John

    Hello, you can work as a lawyer without a master's degree. All you need is a diploma of higher legal education.

    21.11.2019   0   0   Reply
  • Kiran

    I got admission through agent in moscow to study russian language I am from India one week over still I didn't receive any admissions slip and telling submit passport

    24.02.2019   0   1   Reply
  • Администратор портала   Kiran

    What is your question?

    24.02.2019   0   1   Reply

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