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Establishment and registration Limited Liability Сompany

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If the founder - foreign legal entity


If a non-resident entity - participant in the singular, it must have at least two founders (shareholders) in its composition.
The number of participants can not be more than fifty.
The minimum capital requirement is determined by law and amounts to 10,000 rubles for the Company. The authorized capital is paid in rubles for four months after registration. When payment of the authorized capital assets necessary to make the transfer act and the act of property valuation, if the amount of property valuation is more than 20 000 rub.


Foreign exchange and ruble accounts


The authorized capital of the company must be paid in rubles. If it is paid at the expense of foreign investments, it is necessary to open a foreign currency account. Foreign currency comes at the expense of, converted into rubles, translated into Rublyovy account from which and paid for the share in the authorized capital.


If the founder - a foreign individual

We need a standard set of documents, as well as a copy of the passport of a foreign citizen, translated and notarized.
If a person resides outside the Russian Federation, information about his place of residence can be obtained from his words.
The rest of the company registration with the foreign founder - the individual goes through the same procedure as for the legal entity. In this case not only requires an extract from the trade register.

The procedure of registration of the company with a foreign founder


The form is filled R11001 application for registration LLC, which shall include all information about the company.
The founder of a foreign company confirms this statement, as well as power of attorney, a notary. Next, our experts, acting under a power of attorney is registered LLC. The Company is registered in the territory of the Russian Federation after 5 working days.

The documents that are required from you:


  • Notarized translation of passports
  • Or a notarized translation of an extract from the register

The documents that we prepare:


  • Statement on Form R11001
  • Charter company in 2 copies.
  • The decision to create.
  • A letter of guarantee to provide a legal address.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.
  • Extract from the trade register.
  • Proof of ownership, or a notarized signature and seal of the owner.

Please note - our experts will undertake the translation of documents into Russian and notarized, as well as works by apostille copies. If necessary, issue the power of attorney for the representative. From you - the minimum participation from us - quality services at the best time!

If a foreign company founder can not arrive in Russia


For example, the head of the foreign parent company is not in Russia and can not come to certify the application. What to do in this case?
It is possible to sign a declaration on Form 11001, and to assure him of the consular post. Even better, if the institution has a Russian notary.
You can sign the application and to assure him from a foreign notary. In this case, it must also be certified by an apostille and translated into Russian.
The remaining options for registration of "remote" refer to ways to change the participants:
Register Company without the participation of a foreign citizen or a legal entity. In the future of the company includes a foreign citizen or a legal entity.
Buying a ready-made company. Next, the participants carried out a change of company and foreign participants are introduced.
The introduction of the company's founder, a Russian citizen, whose share in the authorized capital will be nominal. He will deal with the registration of LLC and the passage of formal procedures.


Our company will be happy you services company registration in Moscow or other cities in Russia. Contact us for details: price, contract conditions.

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