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Please contact us to arrange your copyright protection both in Russia and in the territory of a foreign state.

International treaties, transactions and other relationships between the parties require special knowledge of international law and experience in conducting such events. At the initial stage, you need to put in the documents all the necessary measures of protection in the event of a future dispute in court, because in addition to the very cost of the contract, you will need to incur costs for pre-trial and judicial procedures for recovering the damage, even if now it seems to you that the probability of a dispute is too low.

Why it is necessary to use the services of a professional lawyer-specialist in the field of international law:

  • The international contract is much more complicated than the Russian one. It is governed by the norms of both national and international law, conventions, agreements and regulations, of which the lawyer of the Russian law simply does not know.
  • The contract that you are imposing foreign counterparts in 100% of cases protects them, and not you.
  • Your actions can cause violation of the Russian currency legislation and you will be subject to large fines after a while.
  • You probably did not check the organization - the partner for its existence and the ability to enter into such contracts.
  • In most cases, you will miss key legal issues, such as risks of accidental loss of goods, damage to the goods, lack of insurance, customs clearance and customs clearance costs, obtaining the necessary certificates and documents for importation into the territory of the Russian Federation and your cargo will remain on the border and can be returned , And payment is not refunded.
  • A professional lawyer is already preparing for trial at the stage of concluding a treaty!

We have extensive experience in conducting a wide variety of international contracts from the supply contract to the monetization of reserve lending, we will be happy to assist you or conduct the entire transaction at the following prices:

Audit and examination of risks (audit) of the international contract you have proposed: 10 000 rub.
Development of an independent international contract: 15 000 rubles.
Conducting international negotiations with counterparties: discussed with you.
Preparation of the protocol of disagreements: 5 000 rubles.
Preparation and receipt of necessary documentation: discussed with you.
Translations and interpretations: from 2 000 rubles.
Written and oral consultations on certain issues: from 2 000 rubles.
Full support of the international transaction: from 20 000 rub.

In addition, we are always ready to advise you on the phone for free!

Any contracts and contracts are primarily monetary and commodity obligations, and the role of monetary obligations of either party in the property turnover can not be overestimated. The subject of this category is formed by actions for the payment of money in both cash and non-cash forms. In the most general form, the monetary obligation is an obligation of the debtor to transfer a certain amount of money to the creditor.

In accordance with the traditional classical approach, perceived by Russian civilization, the basis of the monetary obligation is the legal relationship of a civil character, providing for the creditor's right to claim and the debt arising from him at the same time with the debtor to commit an action to transfer a certain amount of money.

Representatives of the scientific community in the field of private international law define the international monetary obligation as an obligation, the subject of which is the payment of a certain amount of money by participants in international trade. In the writings of N.Yu. Yerpyleva and L.A. Novoselova rightly pointed out that the distinctive feature of the monetary obligation is the existence of the sole purpose of the debtor in the course of the transfer of money to the creditor, which is the repayment of the money debt. In this case, in fact, the actions aimed at paying off the money debt are carried out in the sphere of settlements between counterparties. In this model, the calculation acts as an action aimed at reducing the amount of the monetary obligation by payment.

Thus, the subject of a monetary obligation can not act as a commodity, monetary funds assume the role of a means of circulation, a means of payment. The specific features of monetary obligations are acquired by the complication of a foreign element, which determines their international character. It should be noted that the subject composition of the legal relations under review has undergone significant changes over time. So, if earlier international monetary obligations, as a rule, arose between specialized subjects of the world market, namely international organizations, banks, states, transnational corporations, now, in view of the development of science and technology, ordinary physical and legal entities , Previously in foreign economic transactions did not participate.

Numerous monetary obligations are due to the fact that their subject is money, which, as a rule, in any state is applicable as an instrument of exchange. It is monetary obligations that take place in the majority.

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