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We provide all kinds of legal services in Moscow and in any place in Russia since 2003.


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We are ready to advise you free of charge, to provide services at low prices.
You can not visit our offices, we are ready to work at a distance.
We guarantee professional work, are responsible for the quality of services and conclude the contract.

Can you give us any job legal services.


Among the common services we do:
- Pre-trial work, representing your interests in the dispute
- Direct claims and preparing documents
- To represent your interests in all courts of Russia, as well as in international courts
- Contracts and contract manufacture of any complexity
- Accompany the transaction and your work in Russia
- Register, created and maintaied by different companies and organizations
- Carry out all your orders and requirements.


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  • How to collect a fine for violating the deadlines for the delivery of a house?
    One of the paragraphs of this document is devoted to the collection of penalties in case of violation by the developer of the terms of the contract for participation in shared construction (DDU). We will figure out in which cases it is possible to receive compensation taking into account the new provisions and under what conditions it is not paid.