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    International arbitration courts, representation of foreign legal entities in Russian state and international courts. Execution of court decisions in Russia.

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    Center for Russian and International Jurisprudence


    Since 2003, our legal center has been actively helping people and organizations solve a wide variety of legal problems in Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Asian countries and beyond, we have developed a large network of professional lawyers in Russia and around the world so that you can contact us at any question in any city.


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    Road accidents
    Compensation for damage to the owner of the car, car rental, insurance recovery
    Family law
    Divorces of spouses, division of property and mortgage apartments, ex-husband does not pay alimony, time of communication with a child, loans of spouses
    Apartment and building
    The developer delays construction, payment of a penalty for construction, utilities and debts, your apartment was damaged, rent
    Business with China
    How to check a Chinese partner, we will develop an international contract for your business, international litigation
    International law
    Development of international contracts, purchase of foreign real estate, inheritance abroad, marriages with foreigners
    Any legal advice
    Here you can get free legal advice on any issues, regardless of the topic and your status.
    What do we do most of the time
    In Russian federation
    Claims and lawsuits in any courts (accident, housing and communal services, problems in labor law, alimony, property, inheritance, etc.), development and adjustment of contracts from your partners (we will eliminate risks, protect in case of court), we will challenge fines and reduce the payment of damages, please contact for any question.
    In international law
    We will create an enterprise for you in another country and we will serve it, we will check your counterparty in a foreign country, we will develop and agree on an international contract or an entire contractual scheme in several languages, we will prepare claims and conduct litigation in foreign courts, we will help to execute a decision in a foreign country and collect debts.
    Support of business with China
    We actively help Russian entrepreneurs to do business with Chinese companies, you can order such services from us, such as checking a Chinese company for reliability, developing or verifying a Chinese contract, conducting legal proceedings against a Chinese counterparty or executing a decision of a Russian court in China.
    We provide any legal services for Russian and international IT projects: development of consents to the processing of users' personal data (including GDPR); development of User Agreements for software and SAAS; Agreements on electronic document management of users; Cookie Documentation conclusion of transactions by SMS. We develop agreements and contracts on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Mining; we protect the rights of organizations and users in the digital world.

    Why we are better than other law firms:

    • If you need to involve a foreign lawyer in the work, then we are ready to answer for him to you
    • We will find a solution to your problem, even if it becomes "non-legal"
    • We often go to meet the client and are flexible on payment issues
    • You can consult with us for free for a long time
    • We perform many tasks in full, including translations, delivery of documents, negotiating with your partners, working on weekends and holidays
    • At your request, we integrate into your production process as a company lawyer
    • We are ready to get involved in the work at any stage, including correcting the mistakes of other lawyers

    What results can you get:

    • Complete autonomous execution of your project or task
    • Partial participation in the necessary specialized moment of your teamwork
    • Expert independent opinion (consultation) from outside
    • A selection of foreign legislation on your question
    • Developed scenario of the production process in Russia or abroad from a legal point of view



    Our experience in litigation

    • Can a man take gifts back after breaking up with a woman?
      The first cassation court of general jurisdiction made a very important clarification: the former lover does not owe a man anything, no matter how much money he spends on her in the days of passion. All lower-level judges received this instruction. But the legal signal must certainly reach all men. The question squarely before the woman and the courts was raised by one of the residents of the Saratov region. He demanded from his former mistress 77.4 thousand rubles, spent for almost a year of romantic relationship.
      The Australian Information Commissioner seeks damages for the divulging of 311,127 citizens' personal data to Cambridge Analytica in 2018.




    • How to collect a fine for violating the deadlines for the delivery of a house?
      One of the paragraphs of this document is devoted to the collection of penalties in case of violation by the developer of the terms of the contract for participation in shared construction (DDU). We will figure out in which cases it is possible to receive compensation taking into account the new provisions and under what conditions it is not paid.