Won lawsuits against the largest retail chains

    International legal support for foreign industrial companies in Russia

    International arbitration courts, representation of foreign legal entities in Russian state and international courts. Execution of court decisions in Russia.

    Successful lawsuits against Russian state authorities in real estate disputes

    Legal support and support of English companies, corporate services



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    Russian and international jurisprudence


    We have been working since 2003 in the field of law and accounting. We have extensive experience in conducting trials in various sections of law: corporate law, contract of purchase - sale of goods, supply, transportation, copyrights, inheritance and family law, administrative responsibility, and more.


    We place great emphasis on providing services to foreign companies and foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. We advise on various issues, organize contracts and register the organization and fully guide the business.


    Our main activities:

    • permanent and universal legal support
    • represent the interests of individuals in court and deals
    • conducting transactions with any stage of the design and rights
    • advice and representation on international law and international transactions
    • recognition and enforcement of decisions of Russian courts in foreign countries
    • registration of organizations and changes in the constituent documents
    • emergency exits and distant work

    The main advantages of working with us:

    • the most flexible prices and conditions
    • independent solution of current tasks, receipt and translation of documents,
    • the ability to postpay for regular customers
    • ongoing support and advice from a lawyer responsible for you on any matters
    • responsiveness to problems and a permanent record of the ongoing work

    Registration of the company in Moscow (Russia)


    We look forward to working with you



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